5 Ways to Break a Healthy Weight Loss Plateau!

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Even though everyone loses weight in a different way, it is common and perfectly normal for any dieter to reach a plateau. Instead of allowing it to frustrate you, use it as an opportunity to double up your efforts and reconnect with your strategy to carry you through to the finish line. Listed below are 5 of the best ways to re-ignite the healthy weight loss process when you feel challenged. Choose the tips that work best for you or simply go for them all!

Healthy Weight Loss Plateau Breaker #1: Start Exercising

Although you can lose weight without exercise, it will always accelerate your efforts. If you are not injured or do not suffer from severe asthma, be thankful that you can get outside and move your body. Take advantage of your ability to be active because many people do not have that luxury. The more you exercise, the better you will get at it, and the less it will feel like work.

If you are already exercising, add something different to the mix to make your body working harder. Add intensity, in the form of extra weight, run faster or for a longer distance, or more duration. Going until you fail is the easiest way to ensure you’re pushing hard enough. Add extra sit-ups and push-ups before you go to sleep and when you wake up. Done in the AM on an empty stomach, this can kick-start your metabolism by teaching your body to more efficiently mobilize its fat stores for energy.

Healthy Weight Loss Plateau Breaker #2: Make Healthier Eating Choices

When you are trying to lose weight, there is nothing more important than proper nutrition. Your body can perform miracles with choices like soy protein shakes, fruits and vegetables. You’ll not only bust past your plateau, but you’ll do it in a healthy way. Eliminate refined sugar grains (most pre-packaged snack foods) so carbohydrates can not get their way unnoticed into your diet.

Cutting back on how often you eat can have a negative impact on your diet plateau as well. Small, frequent meals are more satisfying and produce better weight-loss results than the same number of calories consumed in three large meals. Take advantage of healthy snacks like protein bars, soy nuts and fresh vegetable and fruit slices. Eating more of the right kinds of food is a much smarter plan of action to break a healthy weight loss plateau than starving yourself.

Healthy Weight Loss Plateau Breaker #3: Drink Green Tea

Whenever I want to lose 5 or 10 pounds of stubborn belly fat, I drink more green tea. Packed with more vitamins and antioxidants than any other drink, green tea is an all-natural way to give yourself energy to compliment your enthusiasm for losing weight. The best part, however, is that green tea has the amazing ability to actually speed up your metabolism! You will notice results right away with just one cup, but the more you drink it, the more you will want it!

Healthy Weight Loss Plateau Breaker #4: Keep Your Incentive Strong

The body achieves what the mind believes. If you don’t believe you can make it past the hurdle of a weight loss plateau, you probably won’t. You’ll give up before you have a chance to even try. Focus on re-capturing the determination you felt when you first began your weight-loss program. The excitement of watching the pounds drop one by one should be the focus of your motivation. If it was something that has come and gone, like a high school reunion or a wedding, choose a new goal.

Start keeping a diet journal of everything you eat and drink. You may quickly discover that hidden carbohydrates and sugars are keeping your healthy weight-loss progress stuck at the plateau. Eliminate trigger foods or anything that you think may be contributing to your inability to lose more weight. If you are eating pretzels every day at 2pm, don’t starve yourself by not eating if you are hungry at that time…just replace the pretzels with something healthier like fruit or chicken.

Healthy Weight Loss Plateau Breaker #5: Drink More Water

It is extremely important to replenish your fluids by drinking plenty of water on any weight loss program, especially if you are incorporating exercise on a daily basis. An inadequate supply of water can slow down your weight-loss, so carry a water bottle with you wherever you go throughout the day. Keeping well hydrated not only helps you burn fat efficiently, it also helps control hunger.

Follow these 5 steps and you will have a better chance of breaking your healthy weight loss plateau than if youcontinue stressing over the obstacle. Each time you sit down to eat or have a snack, take a moment to become mindful that the food you are about to eat is either taking you one step closer to your goal, or one step away. As you make this mental connection, and dedicate each serving of food or drink to your weight loss, you will naturally be inclined to enjoy the foods and drinks that pushed you past your plateau.

Steps to Healthy Weight Loss

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Everybody today is talking about health, beauty, and looking great. In fact, there are many people that are overweight these days, so healthy weight loss seems to be on everyone’s mind. Unfortunately, there are ways to lose some of that unwanted weight that are not healthy ways. If you choose to follow some of the unhealthy methods, not only can you wind up less healthy than you started out, you are likely to gain the weight back, as well.

Some Basics of Healthy Weight Loss

Some people suddenly stop eating altogether in order to reduce weight; while others start drinking excessive liquids only to reduce weight; this should not be practiced in order to reduce weight. There are other useful methods that can result in a healthy weight loss. These impractical methods can harm you and result in bad health. That is why it is always said that there are two types of weight loss methods; healthy and unhealthy methods. You can reduce your weight by either method but you won’t be able to do justice with your health if you choose any unhealthy method like stop eating altogether. By doing so, you will loose some weight; not fat, instead you will loose your body muscle mass which is dangerous for your health.

You are not required to terminate your diet altogether in order to reduce weight, rather you should always look for other healthy weight loss plans that can result in reducing body fat and provide you with long-term desirable results. Rather than ending your diet, you should change your diet by the inclusion of healthy foods like fruits, milk and other diets that contain calcium and fibre. Try to avoid diets that contain cholesterol, saturated fat, excessive proteins and carbohydrates.

Most of the people look for shortcuts for reducing weight whilst not compromising with their health too. Practically, there are no such shortcuts of reducing weight in a healthy way. Although there are many fast weight reducing plans (including diets and exercises) that can be used as a secondary weapon against your obesity, however, these fast weight reducing methods should always be used along with long-term healthy weight reducing methods that involve changing your lifestyle in terms of your diet and exercise. Also some people rush into exercises and diet control from day 1 of their long-term healthy weight loss plan, this should also be avoided because your body doesn’t prefer sudden changes, it rather likes gradual and steady changes.

You should realize that small positive changes can make huge differences between your past, present and future. If you are thinking to change your lifestyle permanently in terms of your diet, exercise etc then you are moving on the right track. Success demands consistency; if you work on your plan on only a couple of weeks or months and then you return back to your previous dietary habits then you have done nothing. Loosing weight might look as a short-term goal but you should always think about its long-term sustainability and for that you have to adhere to your dietary plan forever.

Pick an Exercise of your Choice.

The increment of one’s activity level is very fundamental to a healthy weight loss. Eating healthily and sufficiently alone cannot help tone the body and keep it in shape. There exists numerous ways in heightening the amount of activity that one does. The most helpful thing to do is discovering what one enjoys doing and adequate steps in doing it regularly and consistently. This way one would not get tired or fearful doing it.

Let me site a few examples here: Assuming you are a person that enjoys visiting parks, tourist centers, etc., then try taking a walk in the mornings, visiting parks, jogging, running etc., and make this a self-imposed tradition. If you are one that is in love with exercises that make you feel at ease, then try Yoga or Pilates. These exercises though are low-paced, they help one to lose weight, tone and shape the body.

Healthy Weight Loss – 9 Do’s & Don’ts and Tips For Losing Weight

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There are many ways of combating weight gain and even obesity but healthy weight loss is undoubtedly one of the safest possible options. What is healthy weight loss? That is when you do so in a manner that his good for your physical health. It is quite clear that being overweight can lead to many life-threatening health issues if left unchecked. Also though, gaining and then losing, then gaining and losing and gaining again are even more damaging to your health. This is often referred to as the roller coaster.

Healthy choices concerning nutrition, environmental factors, nutritional supplements, physical exercise, relationships and self esteem are so important for your long term success.

Effective healthy weight loss tips for combating being overweight or obesity:

o Do not try to lose those extra pounds too fast like a lot of the promo advertisements suggest. It is seen all too often that weight lost fast comes back even faster. This is due to the metabolism being slowed. As you loss too fast for your health, your metabolism slows like a starvation syndrome. Then when you eat even normally or over eat, it still burns the calories like you will still not have enough, thus leading to fast weight gain.

o Some people resort to starving themselves, binging and purging or even anorexia, which obviously is an unhealthy method of losing weight. For anyone to eat less than is needed for proper nutrition is harmful. Even the weight loss surgery is not recommended unless it is absolutely necessary as the result is from moderate to extreme malnutrition which definitely affects your long term health.

o It is necessary to adapt to long term lifestyle changes and not just maintaining a strict diet regime for a few months or days. Commitment and having reasons for you will make the difference. It is a rare person who gets healthy just because a spouse or parent want you too, even when nagging is an issue. You must have your own compelling reasons. So dig deep and find your inner power for the strength to take the time necessary to achieve health and wellness in all areas of your life, including weight issues.

o Balanced dieting and workouts are known to be very effective for shedding down the unwanted pounds and gaining toning of muscles. Intake of junk food is strictly not on any natural plan. You should consume at least 3 fresh vegetables and 3 fresh fruit each day. Always serve with your meals adequate protein, which can come from many sources. It is a major building block for the body. We would highly recommend you to supplement your diet with nutritious foods. Study what is recommended in the food pyramid for healthy eating. Many things have changed as more research has been done long term. Literally the food pyramid is turned almost upside down. Google Search will give you a lot of information on this area.

o Eat small portions of food more often. Six small meals work much better in the long run than three. That way you never let yourself get too hungry and take the chance of binge. By doing this, the body metabolism will function smoothly which will result in healthy weight loss.

o Use small salad plates to serve your meals on and small bowls as well. When visually you see the full plate it makes the mind feel like you are eating more than you really are. Eat slowly and put your fork down between bites. Most people almost shovel food rather than eat. Try an experiment for a week or so, eat each meal very slowly, always put folk down and really taste the food and feel the texture. You will feel full much faster.

o Some people need a very strict schedule for times to eat but more often, you will get the results you seek, if you eat when you get hungry, not starved and stuffing yourself. It is necessary to consume a controlled level of calories. Try to reduce the intake of fatty food and replace them with nutritional healthy food.

o Drink lot of water as it weakens the enzymes produced within your belly. It is one of best natural hunger suppressants. It helps in improving your body parts like liver and kidney by eliminating the waste materials. It also burns the body fats hence converting them into useful energy. You could drink water even before eating so that you will not overstuff yourself. However, drink a big glass of water ½ hr before eating and never during meals. Also don’t drink again for ½ hr after meal. That is a huge tip for success.

o Consume food rich in fiber like high fiber breads, strawberries, apples, broccoli, and beans. These are used as hunger suppressants to reduce weight as they contain very few calories. Also east a variety of foods, try new things and new recipes. This takes boredom from setting in.

o Physical activity is an essential element of healthy weight loss plan. You’ll need to do the workouts everyday and burn the amount of calories which you in intake. It is quite sufficient if you exercise regularly for fifteen minutes every day. Try vigorous walking, jogging, jumping, and swimming three times a week as well. Get your physicians permission as you take up any physical plan.

Since people carrying extra weight or are in obesity have higher chances of relapsing, findings reveal that it is hard to treat this medical condition. Individuals who have lost weight before are at higher risk of gaining it back and more within the next few years. Therefore, you will need to maintain your healthy weight loss program for life. Strong resolve and personal commitment to change your life for the last time is the key. Do not let others discourage you. You control your choices and you are the one to benefit for life with these healthy choices.

Easy Healthy Weight Loss

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Achieving easy healthy weight loss is well within your reach if you know how to approach it. You’ve most likely been around the big wide web and found many products that claimed to offer this. However be careful as most of them are just simply after your wallet. You want weight loss that’s easy and stress free so let’s get started.

The most common mistake people make is the way they approach the two most important concepts. That is dieting and exercise. Quite simply, if you hate doing it you’re not going to stick to it. The trick is to create a diet system mixed with exercise that you enjoy doing. If you can do this you’re well on the road to easy healthy weight loss. It’s easy, it’s healthy, and most of all, it works!

Right so what’s the first step? It’s called dieting. Now don’t be put off and hit the back button. One of the most important concepts of easy healthy weight loss is that low fat diets, low carb diets and starvation diets simple don’t work. They make your life miserable, are bad for your body and will result in failure. What you must do instead is create healthy meals that taste good! If you can do this you’re on the road to success.

The last thing you want to do when you get home from work is have to worry about cooking up a meal that tastes like dirt. For easy healthy rapid weight loss to work you need to use recipes that are healthy but also taste amazing. They can be tricky to find but certainly are out there. If you can embed these healthy meals that taste great in to your daily schedule then you’re well on the path to easy healthy weight loss. Just by living your life you will lose weight.

The next concept is of course exercise. You achieve weight loss by creating a calorie deficit in your body. That means you burn more than you consume. The dieting as discussed above should keep your calorie intake under control. However the next important part of easy healthy weight loss is adding in exercise. Quite simply, the more you exercise the more you can eat. If you can bump up the amount of calories you burn everyday you can afford to eat more of those healthy meals.

You should aim for at least 20 minutes a day of cardio for easy healthy weight loss. Give yourself a rest maybe twice a week. Jogging is the most effective and should be done every second day. Alternate it with other forms of cardio such as riding, rowing or swimming. As stated earlier the more you do the higher your chances of achieving weight loss quickly..

So all in all it all looks quite simple on paper. However if you can’t do it without enjoying it you will most likely fail. As humans we can’t maintain things we hate doing. You need to embed a healthy dieting system that you enjoy into your life mixed with some daily cardio. This way you lose weight without even trying. Just by living your life you will lose weight.

Healthy Weight Loss Tips – Live Happy, Live Healthy

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Healthy Weight Loss should be the only weight loss you take on.

Fad Diets, Weight Loss Pills, and other Fast Weight Loss deals could just plain and simply hurt you in the long run. Some of the things may even work, but not forever. To achieve healthy weight loss you must make a life time commitment.

Healthy Weight Loss is achieved through a mindset shift, in accepting a new healthier life style you can conquer your internal walls. It does even have to be hard!

When you make the transition into healthy eating and a healthy life style you will automatically become more and more conscious of how you eat. But before you can achieve anything you must first expect it of yourself! Carbohydrates are not evil, Proteins are not the miracle weight loss food group, and fats will not kill you (Well some of them).

The way you must look at healthy weight loss is with a conscious mind and common sense approach. The food pyramid and being told to eat your veggies as a kid were not things said and created just for fun.

The key to a healthy mind, body, and soul is a balanced approach. Out of balance even seemingly “good for you things” will become negative just as to much of any “bad for you things”.

Life is about balance in all areas and even so in your approach towards healthy weight loss.

Check this out. The following are recommended sources that you should get from each food group each day or at least achieve a balance by the end of the week.

*Keep in mind the lower side of the servings is relating towards someone with a 1600 cal daily need where are the highest serving portions are targeted for someone around the 2600 cal needs.

Breads, Grains, Oats: You should strive to get 6-11 servings from this group each day. This food group can be anything from rice, bread, and pasta to cold cereals, oatmeal, and cream of wheat.

Fruits: Fruits contain many valuable vitamins like vitamin C and A. Making sure to get 2-4 servings a day can be very helpful in boosting immunities and vitality of your body. Plus most fruits vary from quick releasing sugars like Banana’s to slow releasing sugars like Apples. Use fruit in place of candy bars to get you through a tough time, between meals, or when you need a little boost.

Veggies: Like fruits your veggies will give you valuable and very necessary vitamins + minerals to help your body rebuild, stay disease free, and balanced. You can also get many antioxidants from eating a variety of raw to lightly cooked veggies. Look to get about 2-5 servings a day and very your veggies. Think of it like this. How many colors of veggies did you eat today? The idea is to get a variety of different colors in there because each may provide an array of different but vital vitamins and minerals.

Dairy: OK so some people here develop something know as lactose intolerance which occurs when the body stops producing enough or any lactase which is the protein enzyme capable of breaking down the milk sugar known as lactose. But the idea in drinking dairy is to get a variety of vitamins and minerals like vitamin D and the mineral Calcium. Plus milk is rich in protein which is beneficial to your muscular growth. Also dairy products like cottage cheese and yogurt with active live cultures promote a healthy and balanced digestive system. These live cultures help balance the good bacteria within your intestines which in turn helps digest and break down foods. Try to get 2-3 servings of dairy a day.

Meat: Meats supply you with many vital minerals and is the best food group for iron absorption. Also, meats supply complete amino acids which help muscle repair, growth, and enzyme production. Eating meats low in fat like chicken and fish is a better approach than eating a 12 oz steak every night. Also, the portions of meat should be around 3oz each, nothing huge but just the right amount of proteins and minerals. 2-3 Servings a day around 3 oz each is appropriate.

Fats: This group is one to be taken sparingly. Now the truth is you need fat in your body. Your brain alone consists of about 60% fatty tissue so wouldn’t it only make sense that your body needs fat to assist brain functions? But which fats? The idea is to supply yourself with fatty acids in the polyunsaturated and monounsaturated area but avoid saturated and trans fats (oxidized fats with no nutritional value) You could live your entire healthy life without ever consuming Saturated fats, you don’t need them. But, you absolutely without a doubt need fats from nuts, fish, and oils like olive oil, flax seed oil, and sunflower oils. These beneficial fats will supply you with crucial omega fatty acids which your body can use for repair and function. I am sure you have seen labels with “essential Omega 3′s and Omega 6′s” Those are the good guys. Saturated and Trans fats are unnecessary and could be avoided altogether, though with that said, with moderation they certainly won’t kill you!

With a journey for healthy weight loss goals are great but what’s best is knowing what your goals are, reminding yourself every day, and doing what it takes in the moment to make the long term adjustment.
Some days move slower than others, some days temptation is greater and in some cases you may even indulge. But remember, it’s only right now that you have control over what your actions are. Keep in a conscious state of mind and realize your goals.

The idea here is not to deprive yourself of anything you love but to transition into a variety of things you can enjoy. The better your health, the better you will feel, the more you will want to stick with healthy weight loss.

Before you can achieve any of this, you must first give yourself permission to do what it takes.

A healthy weight loss goal should be 1-2 pounds a week. You can achieve this by figuring out your current calorie needs and then reducing your daily caloric intake to 500-700 less than what you need. In doing so you will create a “calorie deficit” and your body will be forced to use fat tissue as energy but you will not be starving or avoiding things you love.

It is important to note that 1 pound of fat is equal to about 3500 calories, so by reducing your calorie intake by 500 less than your maintenance needs daily, you will create a total deficit of 3500 calories a week and therefore burn 1 pound a week.

Of course by adding fitness you can easily increase calories burned each day while increasing the calorie deficit to advance results.

With a life style approach you will find balance in everything you eat and so even “bad for you things” will not be so bad. You can still enjoy the pleasures of cuisine but eat healthy, fresh fruits, and raw to lightly cooked veggies, more often than sugary sweet and late night take out.

Stay Committed to Your Healthy Weight Loss

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Today I am reminded how important it is for you to be committed to your program. A healthy weight loss program focuses on eating healthy, exercising regularly and taking nutritional vitamin supplements. The commitment to stay focused on your plan leads not only to you losing weight but also greater health, longer life and greater happiness in all you do. Because you are healthy and energized through your program you will also accomplish more and have even greater mental focus.


Through your focused personal commitment you are success in achieving your goals. Whether your motivation is losing weight, being healthier or looking and feeling better your success is in line with your personal commitment. As a coach one of my main jobs is to remind you of your motivation and help you to stay focused and committed so you can achieve your goals. So today understand the importance of being committed to your healthy weight loss program and goals.


Often the a coach will help you achieve your goals and they bring the advantages of having a proven system and the ability to access your progress while helping to motivate you to stay committed to your healthy weight loss program so you can meet your personal goals. Your personal coach will also be an accountability partner as they help you remain committed to your plan and goals.

>>> Healthy: because this time of the year the seasons are changing and our immune systems are more vulnerable. This is the start to the cold and flu season. By eating healthy, exercising regularly and taking nutritional vitamin supplements to support your program and goals you are strengthening your immune system. Your plan will help you ward off disease and Illness.

>>> Weight Loss: because illness and diseases are more easy contracted when we carry excess fat in our bodies. This is especially true for fat in our core or mid section. This gives us another reason to focus on eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, and building muscle mass. Muscle mass helps you burn more fat daily (especially at rest) and it also helps reduce disease and sickness.

>>> Program is your intentional plan to eat healthy, exercise daily and take nutritional vitamin supplements as part of your comprehensive healthy weight loss program. Being intentional, focused and committed as well as having a proven strategy are key to your success. Therefore you must be intentional, focused and committed to: eating healthy everyday, exercising regularly doing both cardio and resistance training; and taking nutritional vitamin supplements and you will achieve the goals you set for your healthy weight loss program.

Eat More to Weigh Less! 9 Foods That Accelerate Healthy Weight Loss!

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Eat more to weigh less. Those words are music to anyone’s ears who has ever tried to lose weight. It may not seem possible, but eating the right foods can help you drop pounds by revving your calorie burn and curbing cravings. You know that starving yourself isn’t a successful healthy weight loss plan, and who wants to eat bean sprouts and salads at every meal? If you begin adding the following super foods to your plate today, you will have a better chance of being slimmer and healthier in no time!

Healthy Weight Loss Super-Food #1: Steak

Beef has a reputation of being a bad for our diet, but it’s a good choice for dinner when you want to shed unwanted pounds. People who include red meat into their diet generally lose more weight than those eating other foods of equal calories. As an added benefit, protein in steak helps retain muscle mass during weight loss. Want the best results? Go for the local organic beef.

Healthy Weight Loss Super-Food #2: Eggs

Eggs (including the yolk) can help you trim inches without harming your heart. An egg each morning can allow you to lose twice as many pounds as the alternative of a bagel breakfast with the same number of calories. Egg protein is quite filling, so as a result you eat less later in the day. Omelets and scrambles are obvious choices, but if you can’t cook before work, grab a soy-protein shake and save your eggs for the weekend.

Healthy Weight Loss Super-Food #3: Kale

Birds love it, and have you ever seen a fat bird? Kale should always find a place somewhere on your dinner plate. One cup contains only 34 calories while providing you with a hearty helping of iron and calcium. Not into kale’s earthy flavor? Try spinach as an alternative. It’s just as nutrient dense, but with a milder-taste.

Healthy Weight Loss Super-Food #4: Buckwheat pasta

Forget all those diets that tell you carbohydrates are bad. You need them for fuel or else your body will start grabbing it from your muscles. Instead of going for plain noodles, try buckwheat. It is higher in fiber and unlike most carbohydrate-rich foods, it contains protein! These two nutrients make it very satiating, so it’s harder to overeat than regular pasta.

Healthy Weight Loss Super-Food #5: Pomegranates

Pomegranate seeds are loaded with folate and disease-fighting antioxidants. They’re low in calories and high in fiber, so they satisfy your sweet tooth without ruining your healthy weight loss efforts.

Healthy Weight Loss Super-Food #6: Beans

Beans are a very good sources of protein, fiber and iron. Navy, White, Kidney and Lima beans are all fat-burning foods. The only ones that you should limit are those baked and refried because they contain tons of saturated fat and sugar.

Healthy Weight Loss Super-Food #7: Oatmeal

While it may not be the tastiest thing you can eat, oatmeal definitely has fat burning qualities. It helps lower your cholesterol level and blood cholesterol because of it’s abundance of soluble fiber. Just like beans, you can’t always go for Americanized version, you know the yummy apples and cinnamon version loaded with butter and sugar. If regular oatmeal tastes too bland, sweeten your bowl by adding fruit, honey or cranberries.

Healthy Weight Loss Super-Food #8: Olive Oil

Olive oil is one of those good fats that your body needs. It’s so good, in fact, that it helps you burn fat and keeps your cholesterol down. Rich in monounsaturated fat, olive oil provides outstanding health benefits.

Healthy Weight Loss Super-Food #9: Green Tea

Want to talk about anti-oxidants? It doesn’t get any better than this. Green tea not only provides you with enough natural energy to last throughout the day, but it is loaded with antioxidants and helps accelerate your metabolism. Stop drinking 3 cups of coffee every morning and switch to one cup of this super food. You’ll watch your pounds melt away while feeling energetic at the same time.

Of course, all of these foods should be accompanied with a daily exercise regimen in order for them to be the most effective for healthy weight loss. Cardiovascular exercise burns calories and building muscle burns fat. Once you condition yourself to make healthier food choices and exercise every day, you’ll be on your way to losing weight and keeping it off for good.

How Salt Effects Your Healthy Weight Loss Program

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Effective Healthy Weight Loss Program.

As we continue to do our best to live a healthy lifestyle and lose or maintain our weight we usually focus on eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly and taking nutritious vitamin supplements. These are the three most important factors in a healthy weight loss program. To lose weight many people believe that salt consumption may hinder it or even cause them to gain weight. So what causes us to lose or gain weight?

How to Lose Weight.

Effective and permanent healthy weight loss is simply burning more fat than we consume. This is an important yet simple definition because there are other things we do to gain or lose weight that are neither truly effective and or they are not permanent. Effective and permanent weight loss will only happen when you reduce your fat. A high sodium diet does not help reduce fat.

Salt and Healthy Weight Loss.

A diet high in salt or sodium will cause you to retain water. This water retention will cause you to gain water weight, but this is not permanent. Conversely, if you lower your sodium intake you can temporarily lose weight. This is simply a reduction of water weight which is temporary. Any diet, pill or fad that focuses on reducing your intake of salt or sodium will cause you to lose water weight in the short term. This seems good and causes many to continue to purchase the pills or follow the fad diet, but this is not permanent.

High Sodium Diet and Your Health.

In reality high sodium diets are bad for you. Not for the temporary water weight that you might gain, but because the effect on your digestive system, blood pressure, cardiovascular system, immune system, etc. In general too much sodium is not good for your health. In general you should consume less than 2400 mg of sodium daily. The fact is that the average American takes in more than 3500 mg a day. For your health please read the nutrition labels and limit the sodium you eat or drink to less than 2400 calories a day. You would even lose a couple of pounds quickly by reducing sodium intake to under 1800 mg daily. Your body only needs a daily dose of 400 mg to 800 mg for optimum operation.

High Sodium Foods.

Start by getting in the habit of reading all nutrition labels paying attention to calories, fat, sugar and sodium. As for foods high in sodium avoid table salt, many canned foods (especially soups), fast foods, instant foods, MSG, Soy Sauce, and sport drinks. These are all known to have high content of sodium but read all labels. One other thing you can do to offset some of the effects of a high sodium diet is to add more potassium which will offset some of the negative effects. It is best to reduce your consumption of sodium while you add more potassium to your diet.

Healthy Weight Loss Program.

Really your health is by far your most important commodity. We stay healthy and lose weight by burning more fat than we consume. You burn fat by regular exercise and taking nutritious vitamin supplements. By eating a healthy low fat, high fiber diet especially fruit and vegetables, 100% whole grains, nuts and beans you set yourself up for success to lose weight permanently, enjoy a long and healthy life and be the best that you can be.

Revealed – The Top 4 Drinks That Accelerate Healthy Weight Loss

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Anyone struggling to lose weight may be focusing all of their energy on the wrong thing…food! It is equally important to make sure you are drinking liquids that accelerate healthy weight loss. Staying hydrated is essential for your body. What you drink can effect your mood and focus not to mention your health. If you pick the right drinks, you will benefit from the nutrients, antioxidants and proteins that will help with a healthy weight loss.

Americans in general are problem drinkers. We crave high-sugar, high-calorie drinks like sodas and smoothies. Over 20 percent of American’s calorie intake comes from drinks such as soda pop, fruit punches, and the oh-so trendy Starbuck lattes. We are becoming obese because of all these extra calories we do not need. The next time you feel thirsty and have trouble determining whether or not a drink is healthy, refer to the list below.

Healthy Weight Loss Drink #1: Water

Water is a crucial part of healthy weight loss success. Forget flavored energy drinks and expensive bottled water. Remember the free stuff that comes out of your kitchen sink? We all grew up on this stuff and no one became unhealthy because of it, yet for some reason we flock to the store to buy it in a bottle just because a television commerical tells us to.

If you think your tap water is full of impurities, buy a Brita water purifying pitcher or some type of water filter. The main point here is that pure water is healthier than any kind of diet soda or energy drink you can pay for. Drink up to 8 glasses a day and you will notice an acceleration in your weight loss.

Healthy Weight Loss Drink #2: Pomegranate Juice

Drinking concentrated pomegranate juice may reduce cholesterol and blood pressure while slowing down LDL cholesterol (the bad cholesterol) oxidation. Because they contain beneficial antioxidants, they rid your body of harmful free radicals that can slow down any weight loss program. The healthier your body is, the better it can perform.

Pomegranate juice is safe to drink, but just like anything else you should not over-indulge. Most studies have shown that a daily helping of 1.5 oz. of pomegranate juice is the most beneficial. Anti-oxidants are found in bright colored fruits like red grapes. Unlike pomegranate juice, be careful when drinking grape juice. Manufacturers tend to add a lot of sugar into fruit juices so they seem healthy, but they really are not.

Healthy Weight Loss Drink #3: Green Tea

Green tea is one of the drinks I use on a daily basis that contributes to helping me keep an ideal weight after losing 70 pounds 15 years ago. Just like pomegranite juice, it is full of powerful antioxidants that give your body the very best fuel a drink can possibly give. Depending on the manufacturer, green tea comes in all kinds of flavors.

One cup of green tea every morning gives me enough energy to last all day long. It is a natural energy, unlike the sugar rush you get from fitness drinks and coffee, so you never feel let down as the day goes on. Energy is obviously important for weight loss because the more you move around, the more calories you will burn.

Healthy Weight Loss Drink #4: Soy-Based Protein Shakes

Along with green tea, soy-based protein shakes are responsible for my weight loss and weight maintenance. Imagine getting 2,000 calories worth of nutrition in a 200 calorie smoothie. Your body gets what it needs without the excess baggage that comes with eating tons of food. It is the closest thing to a magic weight loss potion that you will find.

Depending on how much weight you need to lose, this drink acts as a meal replacement. Obese people who need to lose over 100 pounds should obviously replace each meal with a shake, and those maintaining weight should replace at least one. I would never let a day go by without one of these powerful drinks. Why would I? I have been at my ideal weight and medication free ever since I introduced them into my diet.

The bottom line here is that you must pay attention to what you drink as much as what you eat if you are trying to lose or maintain a healthy weight. Start by replacing what you are now drinking with any or all of the suggestions above. Living a healthy lifestyle is the key to reaching your healthy weight loss goals. That requires the mindset of person willing to make small changes on a daily basis.

You are what you eat…and drink!

Healthy Weight Loss Diet – The Truth About Fats

January 10, 2011 by iceslim  
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It may surprise you to know that a human brain contains about 60% fat and that the type of fats you consume play a direct role in a healthy weight loss diet as well as in how your brain functions. The good fats we’re talking about are omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, found in some nuts and in fish.

Studying fats in foods can become confusing. We are told to look for low fat foods and we know that there are good fats and bad fats but which is which? Let’s take a look at the types of fats out there. There are saturated fats which you will find in dairy products and in fatty, marbleized meats. Once considered dangerous, they are actually safe enough to eat in moderate amounts. In some cases, people thrive on a healthy weight loss diet high in saturated fats.

Trans fats are also called hydrogenated fats and are solid at room temperature. They are known to elevate bad LDL cholesterol levels and lower good HDL cholesterol. This can be very unhealthy and can be associated with coronary artery disease. High trans fats in the diet can be related to type II diabetes.

Canola oil and olive oil (of which olive oil is the best) are made from monounsaturated fats and are extremely healthy in a healthy weight loss diet. They can be used to cook with or as part of salad dressings.

Omega-3 fatty acids are extremely healthy for you. They are known to maximize the body’s response to insulin and to affect the neurotransmitters and other chemical messengers in the body. Omega 3 fatty acids aid in the cellular repair process when cells become damaged.

Omega 6 fatty acids have the opposite effect. They contribute to insulin resistance, impairing the repair of cells and affecting the body in a pro-inflammatory way. It’s vital for you to reduce your intake of omega 6 fatty acids and to increase the intake, during a healthy weight loss diet, of omega 3 fatty acids. Omega-6 is found especially in vegetable seed oils and these should be avoided if at all possible. The best oil to eat is extra virgin olive oil and to get omega-3 fatty acids from nuts and fish. Eating omega-3 fatty acids help you reduce the risk of coronary artery disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis, cancer and some degenerative diseases. Omega 6 fatty acids can be found in oils like corn oil, sunflower oil, soy oil and other vegetable oils. Doctors say our intake of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids should be in the range of 1 to 1 but that, in the usual American diet, the actual ratio is between 15 and 50 to one-far too high.

As part of a healthy weight loss diet, omega 3 fatty acids help prevent coronary artery disease, improves your energy, staves off Alzheimer’s disease, the hyperactive state, depression and cancer. It is especially helpful in pregnant women, who avoid early births with omega 3 fatty acids. The very best omega 3 fatty acids are found only in fish. Unfortunately a lot of fish contains toxic amounts of mercury. Krill oil is a good alternative to fish and is loaded with antioxidants-more so than in fish oils.

Regardless, there are many good reasons to be eating omega 3 oils and to use them as a supplement if you can’t get it in your diet. It is healthy for you and will prevent many diseases. To get started on your own healthy weight loss diet, download your free copy of “An Expert’s Guide to Weight Loss-Seven Red Hot Secrets to Turbo Charge your Metabolism and Boost your Weight Loss” by clicking on the link below.

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